Clem Morfuni has reaffirmed that Michael Standing owns no part of Swindon Town in July’s Advisory Board minutes.

As part of the July minutes for the Advisory Board meeting between the club and stakeholders, Morfuni and Rob Angus answered questions from the Supporters Trust and among them was brought up the issue of Standing and his legal case against the club.

In response Morfuni said: “No. I’m the 100% shareholder & owner, he has no involvement. He has an outstanding court case with the previous owner, which is absolutely nothing to do with me.”

Another of the questions posed the details of Town’s partnership with Karachi, the cost to the club, and Zavier Austin’s role within Swindon, to which it was revealed that the only cost had been covering the flight of academy coach Alex Pike to travel to Pakistan.

Morfuni said: “Zav is trying to drive interest in the club longer term, he is very passionate about the Club being successful and moving us forwards, it doesn’t cost us anything, I’m happy with it.

“Zav doesn’t get paid anything from the club, he covers his own costs of travel, hotels, and matchday tickets.

“Zav is the club’s vice-chair. EFL approval is ongoing. Please remember that ZA played a crucial role in saving the Club and was the first to identify the damage made by the previous owner and enabled the change of ownership to CM.”

The minutes revealed that Swindon have sold 4,600 season tickets to this point, and aim to hit 6,000 sold in total.

Were the club to hit the target of 6,000 season tickets, the suggestion of a lucky dip of those who purchased a season ticket and this suggestion was met with a positive reaction from those in attendance.

Additionally on ticket matters, beyond the ticket prices which were confirmed this week, Swindon Town are going to look for a Community Sponsorship partner to attempt to grow the community ticketing scheme which was successful last season in connection with the Supporters Trust and the STFC Community Foundation.

It was also brought up that Rob Angus is working to make card payments available for purchasing season tickets in addition to the already available online financing and cash options.