A DISABLED woman who was denied access to a sex shop despite ringing ahead a week in advance is calling on traders in Trowbridge to buck up their ideas.

Sharon Swain, from Trowbridge, has had cerebral palsy all her life and is forced to use a wheelchair to get about.

The 41-year-old has to plan her shopping trips to Trowbridge town centre carefully because she cannot always gain access to the shops she likes.

She wanted to visit Trowbridge adult shop Passion Box in Narrow Wine Street and rang the shop a week before her visit telling them she would need a ramp to get up the steps.

Staff told her everything would be arranged but when she arrived seven days later to buy new batteries and adult DVDs she was told the ramp was not ready.

Mrs Swain said: "I was really angry. I had been looking forward to going in all week and they told me it would all be arranged.

"I know many buildings are listed in Trowbridge but it doesn't take much to sort out a ramp for disabled customers.

"I went home frustrated without any of the things I wanted."

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) was introduced by Government in 2005 and was supposed to end discrimination against disabled people.

By law businesses have to make adequate provision, such as providing ramps to get up stairs, for disabled customers.

Mandy Dyer, 28, is the manager of Passion Box. She said: "When Mrs Swain called to tell us she was coming I spoke to the owner to arrange a ramp.

"Unfortunately when she arrived the ramp was not ready and she could not get in. We have since bought a ramp from Argos so she will be able to get in now. I'm sorry she had a wasted visit. She was our first customer in a wheelchair."

Mrs Swain said: "I'm glad that Passion Box has now bought a ramp but it was not the only business in town that has failed me before.

"I don't like to complain but I wanted to speak out on behalf of all disabled people who are still having problems in Trowbridge in spite of the DDA laws.

"It's such a simple thing to do but it is still not happening in many shops. Disabled people want to spend money in shops too and it is very distressing when something as small as a step ruins a whole shopping trip."