A TROWBRIDGE doctor who was diagnosed with a brain tumour by colleagues is to do a 100-mile cycle ride for charity just before he has a major operation.

Stuart Farrimond, a 25-year-old hospital doctor who works at Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath and lives in Trowbridge was diagnosed at the end of March.

He was advised to have a brain scan by colleagues at the hospital after he started to complain of tiredness and hormone problems.

He said: "When I had the scan they found the 5cm tumour in my brain. It was a bit of a fluke we found it at all. I didn't feel particularly unwell."

On 16 April Mr Farrimond is scheduled to have an operation to have the tumour cut away. Before he goes into hospital he has arranged a 100-mile cycle ride from RUH, through Trowbridge and on to the Isle of Wight.

He said: "It's not exactly what the doctor ordered for pre-operation activity but something like this changes your perspective.

"The tumour might come back, I'll need scans every year and there's no cure for it but I wanted to do something helpful and constructive with the time I've got left."

Mr Farrimond cycles the 26-mile round trip from his home to work each day and is in good shape otherwise.

He said: "I'm into my cycling and cycle to work and back everyday.

"My brother-in-law John Morse-Brown is coming along too and we'll be riding ordinary road bikes.

"We're going to do the trip in one day hopefully."

Mr Farrimond is going back to work as a hospital doctor following the week of compassionate leave he was given.

He said: "I could take more time off but I don't feel unwell. My days are numbered but whilst I've still got my energy I'm going to continue to be useful and do positive things."

The doctor is receiving support from his family and wife Grace, a 26-year-old florist.

Mr Farrimond is raising money for Brain Tumour UK to fund research into the condition.

If you would like to sponsor him please visit www.justgiving.com/bath2isleofwight