WHEN Lisa Peplow and her family moved into a brand new home she rightly assumed everything had been fitted to the highest standards.

But at the weekend the mother-of-two discovered the boiler installed by Persimmon Homes before she moved in, could have leaked potentially fatal carbon monoxide fumes.

On Sunday she was horrified to learn from a plumber that the boiler at her house in Shackleton Close, Bowerhill, near Melksham, did not even have a commissioning certificate - a legal requirement. Mrs Peplow, 32, said: "I had to call an emergency plumber out because the boiler stopped working and there was a funny smell.

"He came out, disconnected it and condemned the installation saying it was illegal.

"I had three things wrong with the boiler last year and he said if I hadn't had them repaired there would have been a carbon monoxide leak. I was horrified, I was really shaken because I've got two girls here.

"Especially by the fact that carbon monoxide could have leaked out because of the installation."

The plumber found part of her boiler had melted, giving rise to the strange smell.

He has told Mrs Peplow he is sending a RIDDOR Report to Persimmon Homes to indicate the seriousness of the fault, which could lead to the Health and Safety Executive getting involved.

He also told her to report the problem to Persimmon Homes and contact her solicitors, which she has done.

The plumber only noticed there was no certificate this time around because he had to disconnect the boiler. Mrs Peplow has since heard from other neighbours who have found their boilers do not have commissioning certificates either.

Steve Roche, managing director of Persimmon Homes Wessex, said: "We take all customer comments extremely seriously and we are sorry to hear of the problems experienced by Mrs Peplow at our Bowerhill development on Shackleton Close, Melksham.

"We understand that a plumber was called out last week to check the boiler and we are currently waiting to receive a copy of the plumber's report in order for us to review and undertake any necessary actions.

"We would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to addressing purchaser issues by continuing to deliver the service our homeowners both expect and deserve."