A musician from Wiltshire who has gigged in pubs around the county has spoken of the "whirlwind" of being called up on stage to duet with his hero in a London arena.

Luke Gittins has been performing covers and original material since he first picked up a guitar at the age of eight, with just a handful of views and subscribers at first.

The 22-year-old often made his own versions of hit singles by Ed Sheeran, with a knack for performing, recording, editing, and uploading covers within an hour of songs by Ed, McFly, Alicia Keys, and the Jonas Brothers being released.

These became increasingly popular and he even got noticed by his idol after uploading a take on Bad Habits to YouTube.

Luke created the most recent cover with the help of other fans who were queuing to get into the chart-topper's concert at the O2 last month.

Then, after making his way to the front of the 22,000-strong crowd, he caught the eye of the Shape Of You hitmaker, who spontaneously invited him to sing.

Luke told the Adver: "It's been an amazing whirlwind, more than my brain can take in. I'm trying to make the most of it, be positive, and work hard.

"My first cover on YouTube was The A Team when I was 11. If I'd told my younger self I'd be performing it with Ed a decade later, he probably would have cried a lot.

"It would also have given me a lot of drive and inspiration. I've worked really hard for a long time on this and put everything I have into it. 

"I'd created a feelgood cover, I was at the front with my friends watching someone I look up to perform, it was already a perfect, beautiful night.

"Then he asked me up on-stage. I could not have dreamt of something that big happening.

"I was aware of the magnitude of the moment, it was so exhilarating.

"I don't remember much of our conversation but his presence made me feel so comfortable, it was like we were performing to five people in a pub.

"It didn't fully hit me until afterward, and when I watch the clip, it's like it happened to someone else.

"He took a big risk, it could have gone wrong, but there's a moment where I think you can see some relief that it's going well."

This surprise performance led to a flurry of media interviews, online attention, and enormous interest in Luke's music.

He is still rather dazed by the extraordinary experience but played a homecoming gig as part of the duo Burbank at The Old Lane in Pewsham on Good Friday, and launched a new original song on Tuesday.

Then, he will return to his day job of teaching guitar lessons to 5-to-18-year-olds while organising more performances during his free time.

Luke added: "It's nice for people who have supported me for so long, who drove hours to see me or turned up at gigs when no-one else was there, to have that validation.

"The day after the O2, I was performing in a field to 20 people on three hours' sleep, so back to normal.

"Music is the biggest part of my life, it incorporates everything I am. I did briefly consider hanging up my guitar and just teaching, but I'm really glad I didn't do that.

"I hope what's happened inspires other musicians to keep going.

"Luck and kindness were big parts of it but I feel like I'd been accidentally training myself for that moment without realising.

"Thanks, Ed!"

Check out LukeGittinsMusic on YouTube.