An upcoming band from Wiltshire were pleasantly surprised to hear their music being played on daytime national television last week.

Sebastian & Me is a four-piece indie rock band with members hailing from several different locations in the county.

Lead singer Wayne Meredith is from Calne, lead guitarist Danny Hardman is from Larkhill, bass player Craig Hallet comes from Swindon and Sam Markley on the drums is from Devizes.

When the musical quad heard their song played on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ television show, they were blown away by the recognition.

“We can’t believe it as we are just a little unknown band from Wiltshire,” said 39-year-old Wayne.

Wiltshire Times: The band are set to play Swindon's Pimms in the Park in July.The band are set to play Swindon's Pimms in the Park in July. (Image: Sam Markley)

“Don’t ever think you’re too small as you’ve got to take these risks.”

The bands new single ‘Typical Boy’ was played over the fashion segment of the popular daytime television show on Thursday, April 6.

“We sent it in and they got back in touch and told us they wanted to use it,” continued Wayne.

“They played it for a minute and a half last week and we were very grateful.”

The new single is especially special to the group not only because of their TV debut but also due to where it was recorded.

“We recorded ‘Typical Boy’ at Western Audio in Swindon,” said Wayne.

“We have recorded there in the past and it is really well priced with them always doing a great job.”

Sebastian & Me were founded in March of 2022 under some interesting circumstances.

“I’ve been doing my own thing for a while but decided it was time for a band,” explained Wayne.

“I looked online, it was like dating sites for musicians, and I found Sam the drummer.”

The band have several influences with both those from Wiltshire and beyond have an impact on the four musicians and their style.

“Craig knows of all the people who have risen from the depths of Swindon such as XTC,” said Wayne.

“But my connections and style is inspired by bands including Stereophonics and the Beatles.”

When it comes to the future, the group have several plans in place including some live performances.

“We are going to be playing Pimms in the Park in July and have a good set on there,” added Wayne.

“Playing live is so fun as you spread the music and hope people enjoy what you’ve created.”

Sebastian & Me’s single ‘Typical Boy’ is officially released on Friday, April 21, and you can find out more about the band on their Facebook page here.