A teenage boy is “wary of leaving the house” after he was allegedly assaulted by a “gang of youths” outside a supermarket.

The 15-year-old victim, who has been kept anonymous, was retrieving his bike after leaving the Aldi store opposite Hathaway Retail Park in Chippenham, at around 6pm on Wednesday, October 11, when the incident happened.

The victim’s father told this paper that his son, who is on the autistic spectrum, was followed and stopped by a group of around five teenage boys and one girl.

He was allegedly then told to get on his knees and beg before being punched in the side and the mouth.

“He had gone in the shop to help us out and get something for the evening meal when he was stopped”, said the 15-year-old’s father.

“His mouth exploded with blood and he was crying in pain… he doesn’t cause any trouble for anyone so it’s disgusting he would be targeted.”

Wiltshire Times: Aldi, ChippenhamAldi, Chippenham (Image: Newsquest)The victim has also claimed one of the alleged offenders told him he had a knife in their backpack.

His father told this paper the incident has done serious damage to his son’s wellbeing.

He said: “It’s affected his mental health because he doesn’t want to go to the shops on his own anymore, he’s still in pain and very wary.”

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Following the incident, the Chippenham resident claims he drove his son back down to the retail park to see if they could identify any of the assailants.

When they did so they were allegedly met with verbal abuse before one male launched a bottle at the car.

“It was just a few inches from the window… it was launched with such a force so if it had gone through the window there could have been a fatality," added the concerned parent.

Wiltshire Times: Aldi, ChippenhamAldi, Chippenham (Image: Newsquest)He now fears for the safety of his son when out in the town alone.

He added: “It’s getting so bad in Chippenham now with all the youths running around doing things like this, it’s just not safe anymore.

“I’m concerned about him going out because what if they see him again?”

Police confirmed they were investigating and added that they have now identified a suspect.

The suspect will be “invited in for interview” by officers.

A spokesperson for the force said: “We have received a report that a 15-year-old boy was assaulted near Aldi in Foundry Lane, Chippenham, at approximately 6.10pm on October 11.

“A suspect has been identified and will be invited in for interview in due course.”