A group of grandmothers calling for action on climate change targets staged a protest outside a full Wiltshire Council meeting.

Catherine Bryant, Lucy Brooks, Candy Verney and Francesca Rinaldi are so concerned by the crisis that they gathered for a demonstration outside County Hall.

They are worried about what they see as the government's failure to show real commitment in meeting net zero targets by 2050.

Speaking at the protest, Catherine said: “We want to draw people’s attention to the biggest challenge for humankind. It is the one thing that cannot be postponed.

“We’re doing it for future generations. This is not about party politics or anything. It’s about the greater good for our poor grandchildren and the people to come.”

Wiltshire Times: The women are worried for their grandchildren's future. The women are worried for their grandchildren's future. (Image: Trevor Porter)

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Catherine owns the two Seesaw Nurseries in Wingfield Road and Eastbourne Road, Trowbridge.

She said: "Carbon emissions need to be tackled with urgency. We cannot leave our grandchildren to face the catastrophic results of not doing so. 

“As the owner of two nurseries in Trowbridge I feel I cannot stand by and not put up a fight on their behalf to address one of the biggest safeguarding issues of their lifetime. 

“Other people feel the same. This action has begun in my name, Catherine Bryant, along with Lucy Brookes, Candy Verney and Francesca Rinaldi."

Last week, the leader of Wiltshire Council, Councillor Richard Clewer, said he was “confident but not complacent” about reaching the target of a carbon-neutral council by 2030.

Councillor Nick Holder, cabinet member for environment and climate change, said: “We are doing everything within our power and grasp to respond positively to the climate emergency and lead from the front locally on this global issue.”

“Aims relating to carbon, the climate and the natural environment are at the heart of our business plan and that will ensure we continue to take big strides forward in tackling this issue.”

Catherine explained that she hopes the grandmothers’ movement will grow over the coming months and that the next destination for their peaceful protest will be Bath.