A councillor has backed pensioners’ calls for an extension to the 20-minute free parking period at a railway station’s car park.

A Corsham couple, who asked to remain anonymous, are among those who have appealed for Great Western Railway to introduce a longer free parking period at Chippenham Railway Station’s short-stay car park.

The pair, aged 88 and 70, were ordered to pay a £50 fine after spending just under an hour in the 20-minute zone.

But while the time limit is signposted, they say they were unable to buy their new senior railcards and tickets in time, partly due to their age and mobility.

The driver, who wished to be referred to as Beryl, said: “My husband needed help with the form because he’s 88 and his hands are a bit shaky, and we had to queue for the tickets.

“By the time I’d gone in, bought the tickets and left, we were there too long, but I think it’s just greedy.

“It’s a car park for the station and we used the station, free parking should be extended because they’re not thinking of the customers, it’s absurd.”

Concerns over the short stay car park rules were previously raised by residents after a Wiltshire couple was fined for dropping off and picking up their son, with some questioning what happens when people are waiting for trains that are delayed.

Wiltshire Times: The Chippenham Railway Station car parkThe Chippenham Railway Station car park (Image: Newsquest)Town councillor David Poole agreed that “leeway” should be given to customers using the station.

He added: “Dropping people off and picking them up is a bit of a problem, without knowing the ins and outs it concerns me when companies are quick to issue parking fines.

“When you’re elderly you need more time so there should be some leeway, people having problems with fines puts them off coming into Chippenham which is a problem.”

GWR explained that, in this case, the couple outstayed both the parking period and a significant grace period.

They also highlighted that other car parks are available within the vicinity of the train station.

A spokesperson said: “Having reviewed this with APCOA, who manage our car parks, the car was parked in the 20-minute short stay for just under an hour; going beyond the 20 minutes and a significant period of grace.

“Chippenham does offer significant amounts of parking, including disabled spaces close to the entrance for those with reduced mobility.

“The parking fine has been issued correctly, and we have to ensure that all users of the car park are treated fairly.”