A CHEESE fanatic from Seend is making a big sacrifice by giving up his favourite food for the rest of the month.

Simon Guerrero, 38, has taken on the challenge to help The Forever Friends Appeal raise the £4.7m it needs to build a new premature baby unit at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, as part of the Space to Grow campaign.

Mr Guerrero and his fiancée Laura, 42, had their first child Oscar on June 11 and after struggling to maintain balance in his system the newborn was transferred to the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the hospital.

During that time, the new dad experienced just how much an extension of the unit is needed. Mr Guerrero said: "In answer to anyone who is more than a little puzzled why going without cheese should be a hardship, I would say that I have never in my living memory gone for more than three days without cheese.

"In the end I have to focus on the benefits from cheese avoidance, the first being the worthy and important cause of helping the Forever Friends Appeal and the second must be my waistline.

"During my partner's pregnancy, I put on almost the same amount of weight as she did, mostly due to cheese I suspect."

To support Mr Guerrero and raise money for the cause, you can visit www.justgiving.com/nocheese and donate online.