A FATHER-OF-TWO who suffered from paranoia hanged himself on the morning he was due to be assessed for treatment, an inquest heard this week.

Jon Paul Harvard Clayton, 29, of Newleaze, Hilperton, was found at home by his wife, Michelle McCraith, in the early hours of March 5 this year.

A member of the crisis resolution home treatment team from Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership had visited him the day before and was due to return to assess him for treatment.

Mr Clayton had mental health problems and thought people were calling him names and spying on him.

Julie Baker, of the partnership’s treatment team, told the inquest at Salisbury Coroner’s Court on Monday she had visited him the day before he died.

He had denied feelings of self harm. His wife prompted him to admit he had been researching ways of killing himself on the internet the previous day, but he said he could never carry it out because of his family.

Mrs Baker said: “I could see that Jon was very ill and needed treatment but when I left I had no intention to believe he would take his own life."

Mr Clayton had sought the help of the team at Red Gables, a mental health clinic in Trowbridge, about 18 months before his death, but had missed an appointment in March 2007 and he had not been contacted until his family raised their concerns with his GP.

He continued to receive sick notes from Adcroft Surgery in Trowbridge to enable him to claim incapacity benefit but was not regularly seen by a GP.

Mr Clayton’s mother Sonja Johannessen believes her son should have been checked up on by staff at Red Gables and his GP.

Dr Bimbh, a partner at Adcroft Surgery, said they had carried out a review into Mr Clayton’s death, as they did with any suicide.

They had decided to see patients, especially those with mental health problems, more regularly but he added that doctors are not always obliged to see patients to issue sick notes.

A spokesman for the mental health partnership said: “Prior to the inquest we were not approached by Mr Clayton’s family to express concerns regarding any aspect of the quality of care given to Mr Clayton by the Trust. Naturally we take any such concerns seriously and will contact Mr Clayton’s family in an effort to understand their position and respond directly and sympathetically to any points they may wish to raise with us.”

Assistant coroner David Woodley said: “Jon was suffering from significant mental health problems. I will add that Jon killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed.”

A statement from Mr Clayton’s family said: “Jon was a devoted father to Emma and William and a loving husband to his wife Shelly. Jon was very much the family man and could often be found dancing with his wife and children in the living room.

“His sudden and tragic death in March has left his family bereft of a very much loved and admired family member.”

  • Verdict: suicide.