A JURY has been shown a suspected list of drug dealers which were seized at a nightclub in Bath owned by a Bradford on Avon man.

The notebook, which contained names and figures, was found at Burdall's Yard in London Road during a four-month long surveillance operation into an alleged Wiltshire-based drugs ring.

Stephen Carter, 54, of Monkton Farleigh, is a director of the club and has already admitted a charge of conspiracy to supply class A and C drugs.

Sgt Mike Dolittle, who was the officer in charge of evidence seized during the county force’s Operation Heel, explained to Bristol Crown Court yesterday that the notebook was one of more than 1,000 exhibits he had looked after for the case.

He also told the court that he and a colleague had spent two days locked in a room counting £34,000 recovered from the car of one of the defendants, Andrew Haig.

Haig, 47, of Peacehaven in Sussex is one of 11 people charged in connection with alleged drug dealing in 2007.

The jury were given photocopies of the contents of the notebook to be considered at a later date.

Sgt Dolittle was questioned by Alex Daymond, defending co-accused Timothy Wimble, about a knot tied in a bag which had been taken from his client’s home.

The bag was suspected to contain traces of drugs and was sent away by police for forensic testing.

Mr Daymond asked if the bag had a knot in it when it was examined by Sgt Dolittle.

He said: “This was an item which was suspected of having drugs in it, surely you would have recorded the way it looked quite accurately.”

Mr Dolittle replied: “Not necessarily if I put a detailed description of every piece of evidence, I would still be writing now.

“I don’t recall whether there was a knot in it but I know I wouldn’t have tampered with it.

The court heard evidence from a Corsham jeweller which suggested that Wimble, who is disabled and lives on benefits at Rudloe, had been living beyond his means.

Daisy-Ann Coppin of Coppins of Corsham Jewellers in Church Street said in a statement that over a six-month period, Wimble had bought two sterling silver watches priced £500 and £300 and a silver head for a walking stick, in the shape of a greyhound, for £900.

Meanwhile, senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Craig Holden admitted that no drugs paraphernalia, money or drugs had been found during searches of the homes of Haig, and co-accused Timothy Davison and Simon Smith.

Earlier in the week, the jury heard that a director of Burdall's Yard and a man from Chippenham who both conspired to supply drugs had been caught with a kilo of cocaine and a kilo of cannabis when a traffic officer stopped them on a whim on the M4.

Stephen Carter and Duncan Whitefoot had been travelling in a VW Golf after being involved in a suspected drugs deal at Membury Service Station when they were stopped by chance.

When PC Rustam Printer signalled for the car to stop with his blue flashing lights, he said he saw suspicious activity from Whitefoot who was the front seat passenger before the vehicle pulled on to the hard shoulder.

A jury at Bristol Crown Court heard how PC Printer then found a woolly hat containing 10 bars of cannabis resin in two taped up packages in the passenger footwell.

A second officer who was with him then discovered a package holding of kilo of white powder containing cocaine.

Whitefoot, 48, of Littleton Drew, near Chippenham, has also admitted conspiring to supply class A and C drugs.

Jason Proctor, of Walton Road, Bristol, has pleaded guilty to supplying cannabis and possessing cocaine.

Christopher Greenman, of Sangster Avenue, Melksham, has pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine.

Geoffrey Skardon, 47, from Albert Park, Bristol; Smith, 42, of Epsom, and Troy Wilson, of Leigh Delamare, near Chippenham, all deny conspiracy to supply cocaine and cannabis.

Timothy Davison, 41, of Epsom, denies conspiracy to supply cannabis.

Sean Martin, 41, of Whitehill, Bradford on Avon, denies conspiracy to supply cocaine and cannabis.

Wimble, 46, of Westwood Road, Rudloe, near Corsham, denies conspiracy to supply cocaine and possession of amphetamine with intent to supply.

Haig denies conspiracy to supply cocaine.

The trial continues.