A songwriter is appealing for witnesses after he spotted a mysterious big black cat near Trowbridge.

Mike Booth, of Marlborough, was travelling along the A361 towards Seend from a folk gig at the Village Pump, behind the Lamb pub, in Mortimer Street, Trowbridge, with two friends when he saw the large cat crossing the road ahead at about 11.45pm on Thursday.

He said: “I was sat in the back of the car just looking out the window while my friends, who are husband and wife, had been having a chat in the front.

“I saw a jet black cat that was about the size of a labrador, around four feet long with a long bushy tail.

“He had just crossed the road ahead of us and was on the right hand side of the road when we passed, but what surprised me was rather than running away he turned to face the car and the reflection of the light shone in his bright amber eyes.

“He was definitely a cat as he had the characteristics of a feline.”

The creature then disappeared into some bushes.

Mr Booth added: “I have seen one of these animals before when I lived near Bicester, in Oxfordshire, there were loads of sightings of the animals there and I think because they are so stealthy that is why there aren’t many sightings.

“I just wondered whether there have been any other sightings of the animal.”

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