Mysterious orange lights have been seen in the sky across Wiltshire over the past few weeks by dozens of people who areat a loss to explain.

Readers have been inundating the Wiltshire Times with calls and emails regarding their sightings of the strange orange orbs which have been seen speeding through the sky silently.

Father and son Lee and Brian Fox were at home in Warminster on Saturday evening when at around 10.26pm when they saw three bright orange lights.

He said: “I went outside for a cigarette when I saw them.

“At first I thought the lights might be a plane as we get a lot of aircraft in the area with Salisbury Plain on our doorstep but the unusual colour and the speed they were moving caught my attention.

There was no noise or flashing lights that you normally see on an aircraft and they changed position as they were moving making a triangle pattern as well as a straight line. I called my dad who managed to come out in time to see them.”

He said the sighting lasted about five minutes.

Jill Lucas also saw similar lights last thursday at 10.30pm over Staverton Marina but she said they were bright red, and looked like hot air balloons and gradually disappeared into the distance.

If anybody can explain the mysterious lights, or saw them as well, get in touch by e-mailing Rachel Allen here