A parrot who went missing from her home in Broughton Gifford near Melksham for five days has been found safe and well three miles away in the garden of North Wiltshire MP James Gray.

Kiki, a one-year-old African Grey, managed to open the catch on her cage in her owner’s living room and fly out of the door in Newleaze Park at about 11am last Wednesday.

Owners Hazel and Brian Pearce said the usually talkative Kiki was missing for five days, before a paper girl realised North Wiltshire MP Mr Gray had found a parrot matching Kiki’s description in a fruit tree at his home near Stonar School in Atworth.

Mrs Pearce, 62, said: “I was letting my four-month-old Bengal kitten Freddie out in the garden, so I opened the back door when Kiki opened her own cage and flew out.

“I was in the kitchen and all I saw was her go and I didn’t know what to think. I called Brian and my son Richard, who lives at home, as well as my other sons Russell, who lives in Trowbridge and Paul, who lives in Melksham, and we all started searching.”

Mr Pearce, 54, said he had sleepless nights as he continued the search for Kiki before they got a call saying the £600 parrot had been found.

Mr Pearce said: “She’s a very clever parrot and usually speaks all the time. She will call Freddie and say people’s names. But since she has been home she hasn’t said a word. She is perking up a bit and I am sure she will be back to normal.”

Mr Gray said: “I was astonished when a parrot flew into our cherry tree. She was extremely affectionate and spent the night in a disused hamster cage. I know that she must have been a much-loved pet.”