Glam rocker Justin Hawkins says he will be risking life and limb when he makes a spectacular entrance onto the main stage at Moonfest on Sunday.

The former Darkness frontman will take his new band, Hotleg, to Storridge Farm on Sunday for the first ever Moonfest.

“I’m looking forward to Moonfest. We played at the cancellation party last year which was an awesome gig and we’re hoping to play under better circumstances this time round. said 34-year-old.

“This is going to be the most spectacular and most daring entrance. I can’t go into too much detail but I’m risking life and limb. If we pull it off and I don’t die then it will be amazing.

“I think if people haven’t heard of the Darkness they must have been living under a rock for the past five years but if they haven’t heard of Hotleg before that’s the normal state of affairs. It’s a high intensity mega man rock show. We just plug in and go for it.”

He has known Moonfest organiser John Green for some time.

“John taught me to fly helicopters and I taught John how to dance,” he said. “We go back quite a few years now.

“We’ve played a few shows in Swindon and I’m friendly with John so I’ve visited Wiltshire a few times, it’s like my home from home.”

Last year’s festival had the plug pulled by Wiltshire police over crowd safety fears because of Pete Doherty’s shceduled appearance.

“It was a strange situation last year,” said Hawkins, “so I’m delighted for John that it’s going ahead this year and he hasn’t encountered the same resistance as last year – it was an absolute disgrace.

“I’m familiar with most of the bands on the bill so we’ll try and watch some before our set, although I might be needed elsewhere for this entrance.”

When asked whether the band would be playing any of the old Darkness numbers or any surprise covers on Sunday Justin coyly replied: “I couldn’t possibly say.”

Hotleg released their debut album, Red Light Fever, earlier in the year and Justin revealed they would return to the studio next year to record a follow up album.