Reports in the Wiltshire Times October 31, on dog attacks on sheep/lambs are familiar to those of us who have lived and earned our living in the countryside.

Over the decades many incidents did not get reported, many who I know have shot dogs caught attacking sheep/lambs.

Sadly the dogs suffer because of irresponsible owners, also illustrating the reality rather than the false picture painted by a single issue group trying to justify having a quarry specie, making foxes along with badgers one of the most persecuted of our wildlife, having fox destruction gangs inflicting all manner of suffering and cruelty onto the fox for pleasure.

All scientific and field research show that foxes are not a big threat to farmers; persecuting them causes problems, unbalancing their normal behaviour: a cull is the most humane efficient way, only if necessary.

Predation of sheep is around five per cent of fatalities, the remainder caused by starvation, hypothermia and disease the official figures of old MAFF, now DEFRA. Sheep need special care but they seem to die for any number of reasons. Things are improving and could even more if Governments and some of the chattering classes stop pushing farmers/growers to produce cheap food when it is unnecessary.

Billions are spent daily on alcohol, tobacco, fashion, confectionary, cars, holidays, junk food, so-called recreational drugs, mobile phones and internet and unnecessary trivia.

David Thomas, Hisomley, Near Westbury.