JUST recently the animal charity Compassion In World Farming has published results from a two-year survey into how well animals are reared, transported and slaughtered for British supermarkets.

The research shows that our supermarkets are committed to improving animal welfare. The supermarkets were praised for moving away from battery eggs and for asking suppliers to humanely kill fish.

However, in regard to pigs things are alarmingly different. Farm practices abound where suffering continues. In addition imported pig meat comes from stall systems that are banned in the UK and overcrowding of broiler chickens continues to break government guidelines in too many cases.

Supermarkets and their customers have the power to change these conditions. Indeed, we as consumers can help to reduce animal suffering by buying meat that is free-range or, even better, organic.

The full report from CIWF is now available on their website www.ciwf.org and those keen on promoting farm animal welfare can receive the leaflet Compassionate Shoppers' Guide by phoning CIWF on (01730) 264208.