MPs will find themselves in an increasingly bizarre position during the Animal Welfare Bill's progress through Parliament.

They are being asked by the RSPCA, and other so-called animal welfare organisations, to support a measure that would actually harm animals.

It is common practice for working dogs, such as spaniels, to undergo a simple veterinary procedure at an early age to dock their tails. This is not done for cosmetic reasons, but to prevent pain, injury and complications which can lead to the amputation of the tail later in their working lives.

The Countryside Alliance recommends that vets should be allowed to continue to dock the tails of working dogs and if this is ignored Parliament will be going against the whole point of the Bill to improve the lot of animals.

It is vital that MPs understand the importance of allowing vets to continue protecting working dogs. To find out how to lobby your MP go to


Wessex Regional Director.

Countryside Alliance