THE discriminatory law that prevents hunting with dogs, I believe, had more to do with class than cruelty and has yet to be proved workable. Shooting and fishing are the pending targets of the Antis.

The anti-smoking Bill I believe to be also unworkable and attacks yet another traditional way of life. Across the shires our pubs were once meeting places where locals gathered to discuss the affairs of the community.

Beer and spirits, tobacco and crisps, were the only consumable items available. Today greedy breweries have slowly but surely altered what was once a traditional way of recreation. The demands that they make on landlords have caused prices to rise and in order to make a living pub meals are essential.

In the Second World War a cigarette and a cup of tea were obligatory in times of stress. Our armed forces were issued with duty-free tobacco and our great leader Winston Churchill chain-smoked cigars.

I believe many village pubs will become decimated and in many villages disappear. Such a law will surely fragment our British way of life even further. The excuse given for the introduction of this law is that of reducing the burden on the NHS of patients admitted to hospital with smoking-related diseases.

Nevertheless, the sale of tobacco is still legal and to ban its sale in the UK would mean the loss of revenue to the tune of around £9 billion. What hypocrisy!

As it has been suggested that smokers should be refused treatment by the NHS, the reason being that their illness is self-inflicted, might not the sportsmen and women who constantly arrive at A and E also be in danger of this? I am joking or course, they would not dare, or would they?

B Ash, Holt