SO Basil Ash, March 10, thinks the tradition of chasing tormenting, baiting and killing foxes with dogs or any persecution of our wildlife for fun is one we should all want to maintain.

This is the reality of what happens, not the rosy picture painted by certain media supporters, and why they try to hide what they do. Then the crude attempt to muddle it all up with bans on smoking in public places and soldiers and NHS, typical of those who cannot give one intelligent reason why they do what they do.

What the well-informed caring people are concerned with is how the cruel sports lobby are prepared to waste public money and parliamentary time causing other good bills to fall. Then arrogantly ignoring the democratic wishes of parliament and the people, because they think they are more important. They do not speak for the rural community but for themselves.

Having worked and lived in the countryside for most of my 70 years I realised years ago the main problem was it was being dominated by the blood sports, agrochemical and big retailer interest. All of whom are only concerned with their particular interest and not the overall good.

D Thomas, Westbury