Police were warned two years before police sergeant Mark Andrews carried out a brutal attack on a middle-aged woman that he was a thug in uniform.

This week the burly 6ft 3in Andrews was jailed for six months for the attack on 5ft 2in Pamela Somer-ville, now 59.

Ms Somerville, of Colerne, was left battered after the attack in 2008 at Melksham Police Station. Andrews had dragged her across a floor and hurled her into a cell, causing permanent injuries to her left eye.

Now civil servant Keith Turner, 52, of The Ridgeway, Warminster, has come forward to say that he was punched and kicked by Andrews in 2006 in an incident that left him with injuries to the face, arm, back and thigh.

Mr Turner, who has four children, said: “I told them back then that he was a thug in uniform.

“I was taken to Melksham Police Station and when I arrived I told the custody sergeant that Andrews had assaulted me and that I wanted to make an official complaint.”

The ordeal took place outside Warminster’s Bath Arms pub on July 1, 2006. Police were called by the pub staff who claimed Mr Turner had sworn at them.

He made an official complaint against Andrews and five other officers. A report into the investigation revealed Andrews admitted punching Mr Turner “as hard as he could”.

Andrews said he punched him because Mr Turner had tried to bite him in the scuffle.

A Wiltshire Police investigation cleared all the officers but a second investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission cleared the officers but upheld Mr Turner’s complaint because Wiltshire Police failed to supply adequate information.