A couple are asking for information from Warminster residents to help them write a book on UFOs.

John Hanson and Dawn Holloway of the West Midlands are currently researching their second volume of the Haunted Skies series, which will cover the period 1960-65.

The couple plan to write 11 volumes cataloguing reports of UFO sightings across the UK.

Mr Hanson wants specific information or photographs of a meeting held at Warminster Town Hall in August 1965.

The 64-year-old said: “I know the chairman of the town council at the time was Emlyn Rees who chaired the meeting.

“There were hundreds of people there who came to listen to all manner of strange things seen and also heard.

“I also know that Fred Smith was at the meeting. He was a founder member of the Isle of Wight Society and they produced a magazine called Ufolog. I’ve been in touch with him but I don’t know anyone else who was at the meeting.

“This is a last-ditch effort to find out what happened at that meeting. I would also love a photograph from the meeting if anyone has one.

“If anyone else has information of any other sightings they can also contact me.”

The retired police officer has been working on the books, each 300 pages long with more than 100 photographs, since he retired in 1995.

He said: “I’ve got 11 volumes to complete. I was initially planning to write four books but I’ve accumulated a vast amount of information and just thought I’ll put it all together in an encyclopaedia.

“I’ve got an enormous amount of reports of sightings in the Warminster area and have been there many times.

“I had no interest in this when I was a police officer. If people mentioned UFOs or flying saucers then I thought they would have been off their trolleys, but it’s amazing how many sightings there have been and how much information I have accumulated. This information should be available to the public.

“No-one has ever done this before. It’s a one off, no one has been daft enough to take on the job.”

If anyone can assist, contact them on 01214 450340 or email johndawn1@sky.com.