Three of Wiltshire’s Bath lions were successfully auctioned last weekend to raise cash for charities.

All 104 lions were first displayed in Bath’s Royal Crescent, and were auctioned on Friday and Sunday.

The Mane Event, sponsored by The Fat Fowl restaurant and Giraffe & Me of Bradford on Avon, sold for £3,100, the fourth highest price of all.

Fat Fowl proprietor and chamber of commerce member Arlene Caddow said: “We are delighted it sold for so much. It was bought by a very nice man because his kids loved it. The lions have been very popular with visitors.

“A massive amount of people got involved with our mini lions trail. I would love to do something like this again next year.”

The Grate Lion, sponsored by Rudloe Stoneworks, will be returning to Corsham thanks to a local buyer.

Laurence, who was sponsored by Bradford Town Council and TIC, also found a new home but Leonardo da Stig, sponsored by The Old Manor Hotel and Kitchens at No 32 of Bradford, is still waiting for a buyer.