More job cuts are likely at Wiltshire Council, chief executive Andrew Kerr has warned.

The council, which has already announced it is to make 240 staff redundant, had been meeting employees to discuss changing their terms and conditions in a bid to save £2.5m.

Mr Kerr admitted in a leaked internal memo to staff that it was ‘unlikely’ the unions would agree to their proposals which would include changing conditions for expenses such as car mileage.

He said if they do not reach an agreement more jobs would have to go.

Mr Kerr, who earns in the region of £189,000 a year, said: “Unison have said that the indicative feedback from their members was that they would not wish to support the proposed changes to staff terms and conditions.

“Unite and GMB also indicated that their members would not support these proposals.

“While the negotiations are continuing, the reality is that if we are unable to find the £2.5m of savings from changes to staff terms and conditions, which is now looking unlikely, it will mean additional redundancies.”

A number of meetings have taken place between Wiltshire Council and the unions in a bid to thrash out a deal.

The council needs to save £122m over the next four years, starting with at least £40m before next April.

Carlton Brand, resources team director, said the majority of his team would prefer to see a cut in their terms and conditions rather than more job losses.

He said: “I have had a lot of positive feedback from the department team day last week in Devizes. Nearly 600 people attended. I thought the fact that over 90 per cent of the department would like to see a cut in their terms and conditions if it meant less job losses was a powerful message to us as leaders.”

Ninety staff members from the resources department have already received ‘at risk’ letters.

Mr Brand, speaking about the week in which the letters were sent out, said: “That week was one of the most difficult of my career, but the professionalism and dignity of all those involved was incredible.”

Cllr Jon Hubbard, Lib Dem leader on the council, said: “At a recent meeting they indicated an extra 40 to 50 people may have to go from four key departments. That could well mean an extra 200 people lose their jobs.”

Council leader Jane Scott said: “I was disappointed the unions did not want to discuss changes.”

Gavin Brooks, of Unison, said: “We are still in negotiations with Wiltshire Council and we met just a couple of days ago. They are coming to us with some other proposals and we are hopeful that we are not yet at the stage where they are talking about job cuts.”