As the festive season approaches – full of food, parties, fun and laughter – Animal Aid is asking people to spare a thought for the millions of turkeys and other animals for whom Christmas is a time of suffering and exploitation.

Whether factory farmed, free-range or organic, all farmed animals meet a bloody end at the slaughterhouse.

So this Christmas, please spare a life and choose a meat-free feast instead.

And whether you’re purchasing food for the Christmas meal or buying gifts for family and friends, remember that all aspects of our celebrations can be cruelty-free. Animal Aid’s free Compassionate Christmas Guide is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the festive season without harming animals.

It covers fashion, cosmetics, ethical gifts, donating to charity, holiday entertainment and the all-important Christmas meal.

It is available for free by calling 01732 364546 or emailing

Kelly Slade, Campaigns Officer, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent.