Opposition to a three-turbine wind farm, with 130m high masts, between West Ashton and Edington is building after a public meeting.

Organised by the local Conservative Association branch, last Friday’s meeting at Edington Village Hall was intended as a Meet your MP event, but was dominated by the wind farm issue.

South West Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison registered his sympathy with the views of residents of nearby villages, most of whom expressed concerns about the plans.

“This was certainly a hot topic at the meeting and they have my full support,” he said.

“There was a strong feeling that the proposals, which I understand are soon to be submitted, are misconceived and would despoil an area of countryside, with no obvious benefit.

“I have opposed wind turbine applications in the area before, successfully, and I hope this will go the same way.

“It was a well attended meeting and people seemed very concerned about this. There is a strong body of opinion which will oppose this application.

“The developer should think again if they think they will get an easy ride.”

Organiser Judy Glasson said another meeting would be held on April 14 with members of the fledgling Stop Grange Farm Wind Farm group, who have been receiving advice from Dr Murrison.

“It is a very emotive issue, everyone at the meeting was against the proposals,” she said.

“The main objections raised were that it won’t stop with three turbines, that it is greenbelt land, that they are inefficient and will ruin a beautiful valley.

“We have a meeting coming up to see what our next moves will be.

“One thing we are doing is preparing a presentation for the local parish councils.”

Other concerns put to Dr Murrison, who is the Parli-amentary Private Secretary to Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, were residents’ fears over health service reforms and the so-called “granny tax”.

A turbines planning application is expected to be submitted in September, after REG has gathered data on wind levels at the site.

Visit www.grangefarm windfarm.co.uk for details.

The protesters’ website is at stopgrangefarmwindfarm.com/index.html.