Google is due to host a Juice Bar in Corsham on Friday, to help budding entrepreneurs and honour a rural location where business has grown substantially because of internet use.

Out of the UK towns with populations of 13,000 or fewer, Corsham came second on the Rural Digital Trailblazers list, with economic online growth up by 39.4 per cent in the last year.

In recognition of Corsham’s achievement in encouraging more firms to improve their online commerce, Google has teamed up with the Countryside Alliance to run a free advice Juice Bar at Rudloe Hall in Leafy Lane, from 10am to 4.30pm.

Corsham Town Council member Allan Bosley said: “There is considerable academic and business interest in exploiting digital opportunities in Corsham.

“Businesses here are particularly attuned to making the most of the internet. The town council is currently exploring the idea of its own app, which will be launched at the beginning of August.

“Corsham also has very quick internet speeds, which has enabled many local folk to work from home and allowed businesses to open up to the international marketplace.”

Other Wiltshire locations that made the top 20 in the Google Rural Digital Trailblazers list include 15th placed Marlborough, with growth up by 23.3 per cent, 16th placed Malmesbury, where growth rose by 22.6 per cent, and Holt in 20th place, with a 20 per cent increase.

Google UK managing director, Dan Cobley, said: “Corsham may be considered small in size, but has proven itself to be a formidable entrepreneurial centre, as seen by its exceptional growth in online business.”

For information about the town’s Juice Bar event, visit the website