Metal detecting enthusiast Dave Crisp will be holding a lunchtime talk at the Wiltshire Heritage Centre in Devizes at 1.10pm on Wednesday.

The talk by the member of the Trowbridge Metal Detecting Club will be running with a display of the group’s finds currently at the museum.

The session, called Saving Wiltshire’s Heritage, will run until 1.50pm with visitors welcome to bring their own sandwiches.

In April of 2010, Mr Crisp, of Waylands, Devizes, found a massive hoard of 52,503 Roman coins buried in a field in Frome.

They were found in a single container and were the second largest collection of Roman coins ever to be found in Britain.

To ensure the coins stayed in the country more than £400,000 was raised which allowed the coins to go display at museums across the south west.

Tea and coffee will be provided at the Devizes event. For more information call 01380 727369 or visit .