THREE top class musicians performed a two-hour concert in Bradford on Avon last Thursday to help to raise funds for sick teenager Miranda Meldrum who has Locked-in Syndrome.

Cathy Thompson on violin, Caroline Dale on Cello and Sally Heath on piano performed a one-off ‘Break the Silence’ concert at the Wiltshire Music Centre with all proceeds going towards the Miranda Meldrum rehabilitation fund.

They were accompanied by singers Imelda Warren Green and Helen Riordan in performing an eclectic mix of works, including classical works by Handel, Debussy, Avro Part and Brahms, and soundtrack music from the film Atonement by Dario Marianelli.

It included some of Miranda’s favourite songs, including Adele’s ’When We Were Young’, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and the ever-popular song ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ from the Wizard of Oz musical.

Organiser Jane Quigley said: “Anyone close to Miranda will know her for her beautiful voice and love of music and we all hope and pray that her voice will return one day.

“Cathy Thompson is a close family friend and offered to put on this special performance for her for free. We had hoped to get full house but many of her friends were here and that’s what counts.”

Cathy Thompson said: “Jane is an old school friend and Miranda is very fine singer with a musical soul. We did this for her. Being musicians, it is the only way we can help.”

The concert raised a few hundred pounds, which was boosted by posting a clip on social media. This raised a further £500 and a raffle by Miranda’s friends at St Laurence School has raised a further £140.

Miranda, whose story appeared in the Wiltshire Times on September 1, has been in hospital since April 25 this year after suffering a life-changing brain haemorrhage.

She used to sing and perform at the Wiltshire Music Centre but is now recovering in hospital. The brain haemorrhage has resulted in Locked-in Syndrome, which means she cannot walk or talk – or sing.