THE heatwave has brought a warning from Kim Goodridge, who runs a rescue service for Wiltshire's hedgehogs, for people to put out water and suitable food to make sure the baby hedgehogs which are just starting to venture out don't succumb to the soaring temperatures.

"If people could put bowls of water and food out for them it really would help," said the campaigner. "Cat food is best for hedgehogs, the pate type as they don't seem to like gravy, and I buy chicken or rabbit and they seem to like that."

Among the hedgehogs she is currently caring for at her home near Box are five babies and their mum who were rescued by soldiers at the 21 Signals unit in Colerne, after they became trapped in a space between two buildings.

"The soldiers very kindly got them out carefully and brought them to me in a box," she said. "They're all well, and so lively. I'll release them back into the wild when they are big enough.

“I would like to say a big thank you to the 21 Signals because they made sure the hedgehogs were really cared for.”

If you spot a hedgehog that appears to be in distress, and would like advice on how to help it, Mrs Goodridge can be contacted on 01225 810470.