DISENCHANTED Trowbridge residents have raised £2,400 to pay for a transport expert to produce a report looking into safety and access issues at a large housing site.

For the third time in three years, Wainhomes have applied to build the homes, 121 this time round, off of Drynham Lane, near Southview Park.

It was previously turned down over concerns about local wildlife, flooding and ripping up the green space between Trowbridge and North Bradley.

In an effort to show Wiltshire Council that a site of this size doesn’t have good enough access roads to the site, residents hired a transport planner from That Consultancy to carry out a report to go alongside the one Wainhomes have put forward.

“On the application form, there is just one road in and out going by the map. Toucan Street, Kingfisher Close and Sparrow Street are narrow streets. We need another access route to this site,” said Jody Hawkes, of Toucan Street.

“From what I have been told, the best way to appeal against this is to have a transport report provided, which Wiltshire Council will look at.

“The person we hired has done his inspection and he says we have a very good case. That Consultancy have worked for Wainhomes and against them before.

“People donated and local businesses donated prizes that we used in an auction to raise the funds. Everyone has done a great job chipping in.

“The roads cannot deal with a potential congestion build-up, there are safety issues and it will be hard for emergency vehicles to get round here.

“Hopefully the council will see this report and decide the site needs more access routes.”

Jody said locals are also annoyed that two applications have been put in by Wainhomes.

"Having two different dates and applications is an abuse of the democratic process," she said.