CREATIVITY and inventiveness was on display at Trowbridge Museum on Friday as children made their own woolly designs.

The museum’s learning and outreach officer, David Birks, helped more than 50 youngsters to make woolly animal bookmarks from 10am-3pm.

They started off by choosing an animal that was drawn out on a piece of paper, then cut around it, covered it in glue and then stuck bits of wool onto it.

Finally, they stuck a bit of silver card on the back of the animal, such as an elephant, a pig, a bear and a lamb among others, to make a swanky new bookmark for themselves.

Theo Harold, eight, said: “I really enjoyed this. I am proud of my little duck bookmark.

His brother, Jayden, 12, added: “We have been to lots of these events and they are really fun.”

Isabella Slade, nine, said: “I am making a cat bookmark and it is going well. This will go in my Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book that I am reading.”

Mr Birks said some children made their creations multicoloured too.