MARCH was the wettest month Wiltshire had seen for nearly 18 months, according to the latest data collected by a local weatherman.

Geoff Witts reported that there was 107.5mm of rainfall last month, the wettest since November 2016 when 120.2mm of rainfall was recorded.

Mr Wits, who takes his weather reports from his home in Steeple Ashton, also recorded that when it snowed on March 1, the maximum temperature was only -1.4 Celsius. This was the coldest March day in 68 years of recording.

It was also the coldest day since December 19, 2001, was the maximum temperature was only -2.3 Celsius.

There were four days of snow in March, compared to there being nine days of snowfall in March 2013, however more snow fell this time round.

The maximum temperature was 14.5 Celsius and the coldest it got to was -4.6 Celsius.