MUSIC will be emanating from a shop in Trowbridge town centre in the not too distant future after plans to turn an old dry cleaners into a piano cafe were approved.

The old Clean Machine shop in Silver Street, which has been empty for a couple of years, will have a very different feel to it after David Stallard’s piano cafe application was approved.

They will also sell pianos at the rear end of the shop.

Mr Stallard, who used to run Stallard Pianos in the town, said: “This is a very exciting time. This could add an extra dimension to the town as it is something different.

“Hopefully we will have it open by the end of July or in August. I bought the shop back in February.

“There is a fair amount to do but it will look great when all the lovely oak is fitted in the front, with the piano playing.”

Wiltshire Council approved this on May 8.

Town Hall Arts director, Tracey Sullivan, said: “I think any independent shop that opens up in the town is brilliant but particularly if if invites more arts and culture to the town.”