WILD things took place at Holbrook Primary School for a new and innovative day of events.

The usual summer-fete style occasion was replaced this year with the Trowbridge school's, Going Wild, extravaganza.

So on top of the games, face painting, crafts and activities, pupils were treated to 10 separate stations, including making wild art, mud pies, getting their hands on scorpions, lizards and snakes and a scavenger hunt, among others.

PTA team member, Vicki Barton, said the event was a great success, the feedback has been extremely positive and that the gamble paid off.

"We thought we would try something different and exciting and it worked really well, everyone was really pleased," she said.

"The pupils would go round to each station and if they did it, they would get a stamp and that then goes towards a goody bag at the end of the day.

"Summer fetes are always good but the PTA put our heads together and decided to mix it up a bit. There were hundreds of people who came along and many of them said this new format was really well suited and enjoyable.

"It was good to have a mix of the new stuff and the classic things. You could see how much children enjoyed toasting marshmallows, for instance."

The PTA team, is made of up 24 parents and teachers, decided that they would do this event back in September and a sub-committee was formed for this particular event.

"A lot of effort went into putting this together and making it a success so I am really pleased it went well. This could be the start of something special," she said.

The event, on May 12, was sponsored by Kingstons Estate Agents and more than £1,300 was raised for the school.