PUPILS at Matravers school in Westbury got an insight into military life on Wednesday afternoon when two prestigious visitors dropped in for the Combined Cadet Force affiliation ceremony.

Major Aslett and Lt Col Gavin Rundle from the Army Air Corps based in Yeovilton, flew in on a Wildcat helicopter to affiliate the school’s Combined Cadet Force to Army Air Corps.

Each of the cadets were presented with a silver cap badge to mark their membership of the Army Air Corps, as well as a book of the history of the military.

Outdoor educating leader at Matravers, and Contingent Commander Catpin Ed Fairnington, runs the Combined Cadet Force at the school.

Lt Col Gavin Rundle: “I think joining the Combined Cadet Forces or the Army Air Corps is a great thing for the children to do, I did the same sort of thing and it really gave me an insight into life in the army.

“It’s a fantastic thing to do and can be the start of a career."

Headteacher, Dr Simon Riding said: “It’s so exciting for the children when we have an event like this, they love seeing the helicopter land.

“Its so important that we have a strong Combined Cadet Force at our school, as we have a lot of military history here, and many of the children come from military backgrounds.

“We hope to grow and expand our Combined Cadet Force as it reflects a lot of our values and ethos here at the school, and the skills the children learn can be applied in many aspects of life.”

After the affiliating ceremony, the Year 7 students were able to explore the Wildcat helicopter, which is an improved version of the Lynx helicopter, and is designed to serve in the battlefield utility, search and rescue.

The Cadets then took part in first aid activities, bushcraft and archery, which they demonstrated to the Colonel to show him what sort of skills they have developed through the school's CCF.

This is the second time that a military helicopter has landed on the school grounds, and it is hoped it will make a return.