WILTSHIRE Police are reinforcing its commitment to tackle theft as the force is launching a burglary campaign this week.

The campaign, which runs from November 6-12, aims to educate people about precautions they can take in their homes to combat burglaries.

These include locking your doors every time you the house, never leaving a spare key in hiding places such as in a plant pot or letter box, keeping valuable items out of sight, install a burglar alarm and make sure you have up-to-date contents insurance, among other things.

Detective Superintendent Sarah Robbins Head of County Crime said: “After a recent evaluation into our burglary processes it became apparent that this was an issue that needed to improve.

"We have recognised and accepted these issues and are now pro-actively putting into practice the recommendations made. We have introduced the Community Tasking Team (CTT) – a dedicated resource to not only tackle burglary, but all priority crimes.

"CTT’s main focus at the moment is improving our dwelling burglary processes and clamping down on offenders.

"The local community remain a vital resource for us in tackling burglary. Throughout this campaign we want to remind everyone of the simple precautions that can be taken to protect your home, as well as our top tips on what to do if you have been burgled.

"If you see anything or anyone suspicious in your neighbourhood, unknown or unexpected doorstep traders, or unusual vehicles – please report it to us via 101."