A PETITION to get a documentary film about Spitfires being built in Trowbridge shown on the big screen at Odeon has been successful.

Director Ethem Cetintas and historian Norman Parker spent nearly two years making the Secret Spitfires documentary, which explores how residents from the county town, Salisbury and Reading helped make the iconic planes in the Second World War.

A petition was put together to get the film shown in the Odeon in Trowbridge by campaigners after sell-out showings of the 52 minute documentary at Odeon in Salisbury, and within just a couple of days, more than 250 signatures were signed to bring that documentary to Trowbridge.

Yesterday Odeon told the Wiltshire Times that they will be showing it in the Trowbridge cinema due to popular demand from the public.

A spokesman from Odeon said: “We’re delighted that Spitfire has been so well received by the local community and guests of our Odeon Salisbury cinema. Due to popular demand, we are pleased to share that Odeon Trowbridge will also be showing the film from 24th November, with tickets available to book now.’

Sally Boyle, one of the campaigners who held the petition said: “I think it is fantastic that the film will now be shown in Odeon in Trowbridge and I would like to thank everyone for getting behind us and supporting the petition.

“It is especially wonderful for all those people who were involved in the making of the spitfires as they will now be able to watch the story of their hard work on the big screen.”

Mr Cetintas said: “I am just gob smacked at the moment and absolutely amazed at what people power can really do.

“It just shows if people come together we can make something happen.”

Tickets to see Secret Spitfires are available to buy at www.odeon.co.uk/films/secret_spitfires/17648/