A SERGEANT and four Police Constables have been awarded for their excellent teamwork, communication skills, professionalism and restraint during what was a chaotic and dangerous situation.

Sgt James Suiter, PC Jon Hargreaves, PC Sarah Pickles, PC James Isaac and PC Phil Bridge received the Outstanding Teamwork Award at the Force Awards on Tuesday night in Devizes.

In April this year, they attended Westbury Market Place after police received a number of calls reporting a man and woman were arguing in the Market Place, and a man was shouting, screaming, acting aggressively and making threats.

The officers noticed that the man who was holding a baby was in a very agitated state, and as his behaviour became more erratic he began head-butting windows, kicking the door of a pub, and wandered into the middle of the A350.

This caused officers to make the executive decision to stop the traffic for his own safety.

PC Bridge, said: “He had a baby and we were more worried about the baby than anything. It was the reason we couldn’t go in straight away.”

They then attempted to engage and reason with the man, agreeing to certain demands, but because of his bizarre and unpredictable behaviour as soon as officers met one demand he would make a further one, and speaking to him only agitated him more.

Officers were able to contain the scene, but members of the public were trying to intervene, only escalating the situation. Several patrols were dispatched from a neighbourhood Community Policing Team to help deal with the man, the pockets of disorder, and the unhelpful members of the public who posed an extreme risk.

The incident escalated when the man went into a nearby bar, took a large knife and a bottle from the bar and attempted to break the glass.

Officers drew their Tasers and continued to negotiate with the man in the bar as they quickly realized physical intervention was becoming likely.

The man eventually gave himself up to officers and Tasers were not required.

He was arrested without struggle, and taken to Melksham Custody where he was charged with affray, possessing an offensive weapon, and child cruelty.

PC Isaac said he was happy to be receiving the award.

“It is my job, like it is for everybody. It is one of those jobs you go to quite regularly, but it is nice to be recognised for it as well.

“If you don’t work as a team, it won’t work and things can go wrong, you want to know your colleagues have your back.”