A FORMER Kingdown School pupil smashed her fundraising target when she had her hair cut off for charity in memory of her school friend, who recently lost his battle with cancer.

Izzy Gilmour, 17 raised almost ten times her £300 target by collecting more than £2,800 when she braved the shave to raise money for Abby’s Heroes, a charity who helped her friend Hollis May-Suteau during his tough battle with cancer.

Hollis died on October 2 last year, aged 16.

Hollis’ dad, sister and auntie came along to Izzy’s head shave at the school to show their support.

Hollis’ father, Hayden May, said: “Izzy has done incredibly well with the amazing amount of money she raised.

“Our family is so grateful for her efforts.

“It was quite an emotional day for everyone.”

Izzy and Hollis’ old school friends and teachers each cut off one section of Izzy's hair, which is being donated to the Little Princess Trust.

Izzy said: “The amount of money I have raised and the support I have received just shows how much everyone loved Hollis, and how he wasn’t alone, everyone was fighting with him.

“It will take me a while to get used to my new look, even my brother has never had hair this short.

“I knew I wanted to go back to school to do it as that is where all my memories of Hollis are.

“When I remember Hollis I remember him being everyone’s friend, and how humbling it was to be around him.

“Hollis would make everyone feel comfortable in his company, you would never feel out of place around him.

“He had such a pure soul, Hollis had the kindest heart, he’s made a big impact on everyone he met and he had a brain that was super smart.

“He used to talk a lot about his future and had high aspirations to be a scientist. He was always talking passionately about space.

“He still won the fight, he still smiled and laughed in times I can’t begin to imagine were so dark and grey for him and his family.

“He’s still in so many people’s memory forever and no disease can take away such beauty and light from someone like Hollis.”

Izzy will be collecting donations until the end of February.

To donate, please visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/izzy-gilmour