PRAISE has come the way of Bath’s Royal United Hospital from a survey of women’s experiences of maternity services.

The hospital scored better than the national average in seven areas, according to findings from a Care Quality Commision survey of women’s experience of maternity care in 2017.

The survey looked at ante-natal care, through to labour and birth, care in hospital after birth and care at home after the birth.

Areas where the RUH did well included the quality of the midwife team, being treated with respect and dignity during labour and birth and was the support on offer of a high standard, among other things.

Bernie Marden, Head of the RUH Women and Children’s Division, said: “We deliver almost 5,000 babies a year to mothers at home, at the RUH, or our Birthing Centres.

“These are very encouraging results and an endorsement of the continuing care and professionalism of our staff towards women and their families.”

Amanda Gell, Senior Matron at the RUH, said: “It’s especially pleasing to see that women rated the Trust so highly on providing care with ‘respect and dignity’ – women tell us how much this matters and we take this very seriously, so it’s great to see our approach is working.

“We also recognise the important role of partners and families in helping women have a positive experience, so it’s good to see that acknowledged in our above-average rating for involving partners or others in care during labour and birth.”

The 2017 Maternity Survey is part of a national survey programme run by the CQC to collect feedback on the experiences of people using a range of NHS healthcare services from across the country.