TWO survivors of the Blitz in Bath, who now live in Trowbridge, are celebrating their diamond wedding Anniversary.

Ted and Janet Olding (nee Knight), of Florence Court, toasted 60 years of marriage yesterday, with friends and family joining them for a tea party.

Rewind to 1942 and a young Janet, now 81, and her family had to be rescued from their house in Bath after a German bomb that exploded nearby brought the whole house down.

“There was nothing left of the house, we had to move out because of the bomb.

“We got very lucky though,” she said.

Mr Olding, 86, also had a lucky escape as a bomb went off not too far from his house.

“There was a huge bang and we felt the house shake,” he said.

Fast forward to 1955 and the pair met in Bath playing crib and three years later they got married at St Saviours’ Church in Larkhall.

In that time, Mr Olding had completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter, spent three years in the RAF and then began work at Spencer Moulton rubber factory as a handyman in Bradford on Avon, whilst Mrs Olding worked at the Co-op in the town.

After they married, the couple moved to Bradford on Avon and there they had two children, Lesley, in 1960, and Nigel in 1962.

So what is the secret to the couple’s success?

“She puts up with me and I put up with her,” said Mr Olding.

“We both know each other very well and love each other very much.

“I think a good crossword calms us down, that usually solves most things before going to bed.

“We never go to sleep after an argument, that is important.

“I don’t think we have changed much over the years, that probably helps too.”

The couple, who have four grandchildren and two great grandchildren, are keen gardeners and enjoy going on holiday to Spain and Portugal.

Mr Olding, who worked at Spencer Moulton for 45 years, also spent eight years fundraising for the Bradford on Avon Scouts and the whole family helped to put on fetes in the 1970s.

“They are really good role models for us. If I can get to 60 years like they have, I will be very happy,” said daughter Lesley.