THE son of a soldier who was stationed at Trowbridge Barracks is keen to help a local project that is looking into the town’s military history.

David West, of Chantry Gardens, Southwick, was reading the Wiltshire Times when he saw an article about history groups Wiltshire Soldiers and Preserve Our Past looking to put together a film and exhibition in time for Armed Forces Weekend in late June.

The groups have encouraged locals to come forward with information on Trowbridge’s contribution towards the First World War effort and Mr West is hoping to do just that as his father, Jack, worked at the barracks for six years during the 1920’s.

“My father was stationed at the barracks and was a driver for horse-drawn gun carriages nearly 100 years ago,” said the 80-year-old.

“He was in the Horse Artillery Kings Troop, stationed in Trowbridge, and he would do circles of eights by Westwood Road. The horses would gallop around and be involved in parades.

“I have been doing family trees for a few years now and when I saw the article I had a look at the old photos of my family who fought in the First World War.

“Four of my uncles, who all lived locally, died in that war, it was a terrible loss.

“My father was too young to fight in that war but he fought in the Second World War and before that he was at the barracks.

“I remember as a kid climbing on the old tank in Trowbridge Park and having great fun, it was a real shame that it got taken away around 80 years ago.

“If I can help out with this project, which sounds like a really good and interesting idea, I will happily help.

“I have lots of old photos which may aid them in their search.”

The history groups are hopeful that people, like Mr West for instance, will provide old photos and some stories on this topic as well.

“I had no idea that Trowbridge was just one of 40 places across England that raised more than £1m in war bonds to help with the First World War effort,” added Mr West.

“This is a really good chance to celebrate the town’s past and contribution to the war effort.”

If you would like to come forward with information for the ‘Every Face’ project’, please email