DOG owners from Melksham are preparing to enter their three-and-a-half year old dog Scarlett in the national Crufts competitions this weekend.

Clive and Christine Andrews from Bowerhill entered their Irish Setter dog Scarlett into Crufts after she qualified for the competition last year after competing in the South West Irish Setter championships.

Mr Andrews said: “Scarlett is a typical Irish Setter, she is full of energy just like a puppy, you wouldn’t think she was three and half years old.

“I don’t think she will lose her puppy traits soon either, she’s very loveable.

“We are looking forward to the Crufts competition, it will be a great day out, win or lose.

“It’s just nice to do something like this with Scarlett.

“Our other dog Kaspa is qualified for Crufts next year, so Christine will walk with Scarlett this time and I will walk with Kaspa next year.”

Scarlett will be entered into the showing category, where she will be judged on her overall appearance before walking round the ring and being judged on her movement.

All the gundogs will ranked from first to seventh place.

Mrs Andrews said: “I’m looking forward to walking with Scarlett at the Crufts this year, she is such a lovely dog and has done very well to qualify.

"She has a very pretty face and is an old fashioned type of dog, I hope the judges like her.

"Even if Scarlett doesn't get graded this year, it won't stop us from entering again.

"It just all comes down to whether or not the judges see what we see in her."

The Crufts competitions will take place over the weekend. For more information, please visit