THE state of public footpaths and parks near Westbury Railway Station has been a cause of concern for residents of the town after a pictures were posted on social media.

With visible cracks running through the concrete slope on the footpath leading from the station to The Ham and anti-social behaviour in the park by Leighton recreation centre, many residents have taken to social media to express how dangerous these Wiltshire Council public spaces are.

Concerned about the railway footpath, Oldfield Park resident Kathryn Scarlett said: “The path has large cracks and is very lumpy and is extremely dangerous.

“It used to have long shallow steps that were very easy to use but I don’t know where they have gone, it’s a shame.

“It needs to be sorted out, it’s a long, walk dangerous walk to the station from the Ham area along the road with the heavy continual traffic.”

Elsewhere in Westbury, residents have noticed several groups of young people burning books and smashing up televisions in the park, an area known to local dog walkers.

Mum-of-three Katie Pierce, of Arrundell Close, said: “I took my auntie and my three daughters down to the rope swing last week but there was a group of youths smoking and drinking.

“My girls always come down here to build bridges and play in the stream. It’s not a safe place anymore.”

Mayor and Westbury town councillor Ian Cunningham said: “It’s not ours, not our work so we can’t fix it, but I’d have thought that whoever did the work would have some explaining to do.

“The failure had been rapid and the condition is now very poor.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council said: “The officer said its construction is of gravel rather than concrete and there has been some erosion of the surface causing quite deep cracks. We have erected some warning signs. Officers are investigating a lasting solution.”