NOT booked anywhere yet for your Halloween make up?

Or perhaps you fancy trying something yourself?

After being wowed by some of the dramatic looks created by Warrington make up artists, we asked NV Beauty for a step-by-step guide for readers to create their own 'drop dead' gorgeous look for Halloween. 

And if you don't fancy recreating the whole thing, there's plenty of great tips here to ensure your make up is spook-tacular.

A full list of where you can buy all the products involved is at the bottom of the story.

Let us know if you give it a go.  

Medusa make up tutorial

1. Before doing ANYTHING, ensure you put the contact lenses in (if you choose to wear them.) Ensure all other makeup is removed and the face is cleansed and free from product.

Wiltshire Times:

2. Prime the face using Illamasqua ‘Radiance Veil’. This is a somewhat shiny primer to make the skin look dewy as you will be going in with a much lighter foundation and this prevents it from looking 'cakey'. For this particular model we used the Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ foundation in shade ‘1.5’, this is as it is approximately four shades lighter than the models natural skin tone, thus creating a washed out, more 'un-dead' look. 

(Let’s face it, you never see a zombie with a tan now do you?).

Don’t worry about any tide lines on the neck created by foundation, as later on we will be colouring the neck in black and covering it in glitter!

Set the foundation with Illamasqua loose powder, this ensures you get longer wear out of the foundation.

3. Apply micro-pore tape to the under eye following the natural curve of the eye. This creates the sharp outline for any eye shadow and eyeliner applied, ensuring even a beginner at eyeliner can have a sharp wing.

We then applied the eyebrows; we did this by using an Anastasia Beverly Hills angled brush and Illamasqua eyebrow gel in shade ‘Stare’. M.A.C, ‘Select Cover Up’ in ‘NW15’ was then applied using a M.A.C ‘252’ brush around the brow. This is done in order to etch out the brows and create a more precise, defined line.

Wiltshire Times:

4. Then comes the eye shadow. Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was used. We applied shades ‘Sauced’ ‘Low Blow’ ‘Cayenne’ over the lid and blended out.

The lightest shade was applied closest to the tear duct and the darkest on the outer edge towards the wing. We then applied ‘Black Out’ from Urban Decay (found in most Urban Decay palettes) over the top of the browns towards the outer edges to give it a more “smokey” effect.

We then added the ‘Emerald Green’ shade from the Kat Von D ‘Alchemist’ palette as a spot light over the top, in the centre of the eyelid.

We then used M.A.C ‘Nylon’ eye shadow in the tear duct and under the brow bone to lighten the darkest region of the eye and accentuate the brow arch. After this we applied the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in a thick, more dramatic looking wing /cat eye style.

This was then set with ‘Black Out’ eyes shadow by Urban Decay. Under the eye we have used the Urban Decay ‘Electric’ pallette, in the shades ‘Urban’ and ‘Fringe’, applied using a Zoeva smudging brush. We have subsequently gone into the water line using the ‘Feline’ pencil by M.A.C. We then applied lashes by Eldora in ‘M106’.

Wiltshire Times:

5. Next, the fun stuff, the scales! We applied the scales to the face using fishnet tights pulled over the face and applying the eye shadows ‘Fringe’, ‘Urban’ and ‘Jilted’ from the Urban Decay, Electric palette.

We chose ‘Urban’ as a base for all of the scales and in select areas added ‘Fringe’ and ‘Jilted’ as to give the scales a mermaid, multi coloured depth. Apply the eye shadow in a contour-esque style, meaning applying the colours to the cheekbones, temples and hairline, coming around half way down into the forehead. Use a patting motion in order to apply the eye shadows over the top of the fishnets as to use the lines in the tights to create crisp scale lines. Then pull off the tights without smudging the scales.

Wiltshire Times:

Wiltshire Times:

6. We then added the face gems from Gypsy Shrine. This is a set called ‘Dark Medusa’, exclusively available at Gypsy Shrine and Superdrug. Applied using Duo eyelash glue as it’s a safe product to use on the skin however, if you do have a Latex allergy you can buy latex free eyelash glue.

Wiltshire Times:

Wiltshire Times:

7. In order to colour the lips, we applied black Maybelline gel eyeliner with a lip brush over the top of lips, creating a black lipstick effect. Then, apply the Kat Von D ‘Alchemist’ palette shades ‘Emerald’ and ‘Amethyst’ over the lips again in a patting motion as to not smudge the liner. This created an iridescent, metallic look, reflective of the scales we have already applied.

8. Then we applied Snazaroo, black face paint (with a flat foundation brush) along the jaw line and then covered the entire neck and chest with this, blacking it out. Next, we mixed “chunky” glitters from Gypsy Shrine in green, purple and black, with clear, wet look hair gel and applied over the top of the black on the neck and chest as well as the hair line and the visible root of the hair and your makeup look is then complete.

Wiltshire Times:

9. Phil over at Peter Walsh Hairdressing in Warrington town centre worked on our model's hair. He created a large, tightly curled look, back combed to the heavens!

He created this by using the very end of a curling wand in order to create very tight curls which would be slightly larger than if you were to use a chopstick curl. He then backcombed this and moulded the curls with hair spray, mimicking eighties glam rock looks. We then added a small amount of NYX cosmetics ‘face and body glitter’ in the shade ‘ice’, adding a little bit of sparkle. This hair added a necessary snake like element to the overall look of this Medusa makeup.

Wiltshire Times:

Makeup by Nastassja Victoria at NV Beauty.

Instagram: @NVBeautyMUA 

Hair by Phil State at Peter Walsh Hairdressing

Instagram: @PeterWalshWarrington

Words by India Jade at NV Beauty.

Both Hair and Makeup available at 16 Horsemarket Street, Warrington Town Centre, WA1 1XL.

Face Gems and Glitter available from Gypsy Shrine and Superdrug.

Contact lenses and Snazaroo face paint available at Salsa, Warrington.

All Urban Decay, M.A.C and Kat Von D products available from Debenhams, in store and online.

NYX products available from Boots.

Maybelline products available from Superdrug.

Illamasqua products available online.