EARLIER this year the nation's favourite pig turned veggie and it turns out it's kind of a pig deal.

After the news appeared on the front page of a national newspaper, many Percy Pig fans have turned to social media to have their say -  whether it's giving a thumbs (or trotters) up to the decision or getting their tail in a spin.

To solve the debate once and for all on whether Percy Pigs should remain vegetarian or go back to the classic recipe which included pork gelatine, Marks and Spencer is calling on shoppers to be part of a Percy Pig Panel and have their say on the future of the sweet.

A spokesman added: "M&S wanted as many people as possible to be able to pig out on Percy and that’s why the pork gelatine has been removed from the classic Percy pack to make it suitable for veggies.

"All the other Percy Pig packs were already veggie friendly as well as Colin the Caterpillar, with the classic Percy pack the last to join the veggie party.

"M&S is recruiting 100 mega fans to form the Percy Pig Panel to vote on whether a special edition, classic Percy pack with the gelatine back in should be introduced."

Percy’s mega fans are being asked to pitch for their place on the panel by sharing why they love Percy on the M&S Facebook page or M&S Twitter page using #PercyPigPanel.

The Percy Pig Panel of 100 fans will convene on May 16 in London at a Percy Pig party to vote for whether they want to introduce a special edition, classic pack of Percy Pigs with the gelatine back in.

The results will be announced after the event.

Reasonable travel expenses will also be paid to each winner.

If successful, the store says a special edition, classic Percy pack with the gelatine in would sit alongside all of the shop's other veggie friendly gelatine free Percy pigs.

You can find full details of the competition by clicking here