Aldi and Lidl have revealed their biggest bargains this weekend available from Sunday, March 14. 

The budget supermarket chains have both revealed a range of new products being made available this weekend from airfryers to steam cleaners.

Here is a round-up of some of the best deals you can find.


This week, Lidl is focussing on home cooking to help you create a range of dishes sure to go down well at home.

These include:

Wiltshire Times: Salter Airfryer. (Lidl)Salter Airfryer. (Lidl)

This Salter Airfryer will allow you to fry your food using little to no oil. With an RRP of £59.99, it is available for £39.99 at Lidl.

Wiltshire Times: Crockpot Slow Cooker. (Lidl)Crockpot Slow Cooker. (Lidl)

The 3.7L Crockpot Slow Cookeris available in Lidl this week for £19.99 perfect for stews, soups and much more.

Wiltshire Times: Silvercrest Waffle Maker. (Lidl)Silvercrest Waffle Maker. (Lidl)

The Silvercrest Waffle Maker with three interchangeable plates for making square Belgian waffles, mini doughnuts and mini waffles in different fun shapes. Available in Lidl for £16.99.

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It's all about keeping you home neat and tidy this week with a range of Laundry and Cleaning products available in Aldi specialbuys. 

These include:

Wiltshire Times: Easy Home Steam Cleaner. (Aldi)Easy Home Steam Cleaner. (Aldi)

This highly-efficient Steam Cleaner is the perfect way to get your home sparkling clean and kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria..Available online for £49.99.

Wiltshire Times: Beldray 2-In-1 Multi Cordless Vacuum. (Aldi)Beldray 2-In-1 Multi Cordless Vacuum. (Aldi)

The Beldray 2-In-1 Multi Cordless Vacuum has a motorised floor brush for a fast and efficient clean and is selling fast! Available online for £54.99.

Wiltshire Times: Easy Home Electric Window Cleaner. (Aldi)Easy Home Electric Window Cleaner. (Aldi)

Clean windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces with this Easy Home Electric Window Cleaner available on Aldi's website for £19.99.

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