ANOTHER important part of the golf swing is how we position our body or posture.

The key element for posture in the golf swing is to provide balance, mobility and to create a stable base for the swing.

To do this first need to make a stance that is shoulder width apart. Next take the club with your new grip and point it away from your body so that your hands are level with your navel. (Picture 1).

Next bring your arms back towards your body until the insides of your upper arms touch your rib cage.

This should leave the club around five to six inches away from your body.

Keep this distance intact and then bend from your hips until the club hits the ground. Your legs should still be straight at this moment, now bend them slightly to take the strain off your hamstrings. (Picture 4).

You should now be in a great position to go ahead to hit the golf ball. This should feel and look athletic like a goalkeeper facing a penalty in football or receiving a serve in tennis.

Weight should be on the balls of your feet so that you are ready to move in balance.

For the more experienced golfer try this drill. Take your 6 iron and place it down your back along your spine holding the club head with your right hand and grip with your left.

You should be able to get three points of contact: the first on your belt line, second between your shoulder blades and third on the back of your head. (Picture 2).

This will ensure you get your spine in the best position for the swing most club golfers with poor posture tend to bend from the stomach creating a hunched appearance of the posture leading to a loss of mobility and power. (Picture 3)

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